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Samuel Greg Discussion started by Samuel Greg 3 years ago
A demand side platform is an integrated system which provides vertical and lateral targeting, management of multiple data exchange and ad exchange accounts, wide access to inventory, real-time bid on ads and optimization of ROI. MobiVisits is a one of the best mobile advertising companies which provides you with programmatic platform to get your advertising efforts directed towards quality audience rather than wasting the resources in a spray and pray method of digital marketing which is merely based on volume and less targeted. They also provide blueprinted personas to help you pick ideal audience in one-single-click. Cross-marketing strategy can also be applied by reaching out to the audiences of other brands. The geo-targeting feature provided by the company allows you to target the desired territory either through worldwide campaign or local level. You can also retarget the audiences who have visited your web or app previously to increases the revenues.

MobiVisits can help you increase your local customers through mobile display advertising at reasonable rates. You can know the true potential of your offerings with their hyper local targeting in a very simple way.

The company has an extraordinary expertise in collection, analysis, optimization and execution of user data. Through technologies like real time bidding, demand-side platform, data management platform, fraud detection cloud and real time data storage and optimization, the company reaches its goals of high performance advertising campaigns. It offers top demand side platforms to assist you in buying the exact impression at proper time. You can launch your campaign with any delays due to the company’s unmatched targeting options and single-click audience buying. Ads can be delivered in just 50 mili seconds due to laser-target designed DSP platform.

The huge mobile advertising network of MobiVisits enables the company in providing the best cut in the industry to its customers and achieve increased eCPM. The fill rates you receive are optimal due to thousands of campaigns running globally. Their highly advanced technology enables quick delivery of ads by prompt matching of their advertisers targeting and your ad requests. You also have the option to choose the devices that work for your campaign on the basis of manufacturer, models, etc. and also give feedback. You can also select different versions of android, Amazon, iOS, and windows operating systems.

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