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There are several micro-organisms present in the atmosphere that can cause dangerous infections and diseases. Thus, it is vital to maintain proper hygiene in order to get rid of disease causing germs and microbes. These invisible germs can lead to several health problems if proper prevention is not taken. In order to reduce the risk of diseases, it is necessary to maintain proper hygiene and sanitation. Most often, germs comes in contact with the body through hands, thus is indispensable to properly clean and wash your hands in order to thwart off infection causing bacteria.

Ubiquitous hand sanitizers are the most reliable option in the absence of soap and water. There are some reliable online stores like Germbloc that offer wide range of alcohol free hand sanitizer. These dermatologist approved sanitizers are also safe for your toddlers.

Benefits of using sanitizers provided by GermBloc:

  • It is totally free from alcohol thus it does not contain any irritating smell.

  • It also moisturizes your hands

  • It prevents your hands from drying and cracking

  • It gives 99.99% protection from germs.

  • It does not cause any harm to skin and can be used as antiseptic

  • It does not get evaporated soon.

  • These do not sting even on chapped hands.

Applications of alcohol free Hand-sanitizers:

  • In hospitals, it can be applied by both patients as well as doctors for preventing infections.

  • In kitchens, you can use it before cooking for maintaining the hygiene of complete family.

  • You should also use it after activities like toilet usage, sneezing and coughing or blowing your nose.

  • Germbloc provides sanitizers that also contain antiseptic so they can be used during dressing of any wound.

  • It is very important to use alcohol free hand sanitizer lotion after playing with pets, handling their toys and their waste.

  • After touching any contaminated things like dustbin, soil, drain etc.

  • The hand sanitizer lotion provided GermBloc contains all the natural ingredients like botanical extracts, antioxidants, skin moisturizers, vitamins and various essential oils. The main constituent of these alcohol free sanitizers is benzalkonium chloride which is a good antiseptic. These products may not cause any kind of allergies on your skin. Moreover, it is cost effective and has potential of killing the germs in just 15 seconds. It can protect your hands from microbes and bacteria even after 3-4 hours of apply.

For more details, please visit the website

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