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Toronto Beaches -  Our Blog

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Toronto Beaches -  Our Blog

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Huge Festival at Toronto Beaches This Weekend

Fall is on its way but you can still party it up at the beach this weekend. The Toronto Beaches Festival will be taking place on September 22 and 23 at Woodbine Beach. Sun is in the forecast this weekend so head to the beach and get ready for some good eats, music, and entertainment. Participate in volleyball and yoga on site, try out the silent disco and karaoke, and jam to 80s and 90s hits throughout the weekend. The best part of it all…admission is free!   Bring your towel, swimsuit, and flip-flops and give summer a proper send-off at the beach. Toronto Beaches Festival Where: Woodbine Beach — 1675 Lake Shore Blvd E. When: Saturday, September 22 and Sunday, September 23, 2018 Time: September 22: Noon to 8 pm/ September 23: Noon to 6 pm Admission: Free!
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Countertenor Madness concert on Friday, October 5 at 7:30 p.m

The Countertenor Madness concert on Friday, October 5 at 7:30 p.m. will showcase five countertenors in a one-of-a-kind extravaganza. It is rare enough to have one countertenor roaming around, but it is almost unheard of to have five in the same concert. This is possibly one of the only times you will hear such a unique event. Toronto Symphony Orchestra bassist and KRVCS Music Director Tim Dawson dreamed up this unusual event—bringing together world-renowned countertenor Daniel Taylor with four of his countertenor pupils:César Aguilar, Benjamin Shaw, Ian Sabourin and Ryan McDonald. The concert will feature a varied program. You’ll hear some standard countertenor repertoire and a few more modern works. All of these singers are currently pursuing graduate or postgraduate degrees at the University of Toronto. They have been recognized for their beautiful voices across Canada and around the world.  Tickets are $25 at the door or through  
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Pot sales online this fall and in retail shops in April 2019

With lots of empty stores for lease in and around the Beach community and marijuana becoming legal in Ontario for the first time as early as this fall, the question is: will cannabis stores take over the area? Before making such assumptions, it’s important to hone in on some facts. The Ontario government will legalize cannabis sales on October 17, however, it will only be accessible online through the Ontario Cannabis Store’s mail-order service for now. People can order 30 grams (which is one ounce) of dried recreational cannabis at one time for personal use. People can also purchase legal seeds from the online store to grow up to four plants per residence. Meanwhile, because the legalization of cannabis was done at a federal level, the municipal levels of government are trying to figure out bylaws and licensing requirements as to how privately owned cannabis shops will allow businesses to function and which level of government will be responsible for inspection and law enforcement. According to the Ontario government’s website, a private retail model will be established on April 1, 2019. Generally, to run a legal cannabis store, the retailer will be required to possess a licence from the Ontario government, the business will need security checks and proper zoning sites, and it must be placed in a location with the consent of the community, said Elliot. It will be next to impossible for anyone under the age of 19 to get access to cannabis as anyone who can legally purchase

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Woodbine bike lane connection to Martin Goodman Trail moves forward

The Woodbine bike lanes are getting a connection to the Martin Goodman Trail south of Queen Street East nearly a year after they were installed. On July 30, city council approved a plan to install two new traffic signals—one at Woodbine and Dixon Avenues, another at Queen, Lockwood Road and Sarah Ashbridge Avenue—needed for the extension which was approved with the original lanes. The forthcoming extension continues south along Lockwood Road from the contra-flow bike lane on Dixon east of Woodbine.  The lane runs south of Queen on Sarah Ashbridge, then turns east on Boardwalk Drive before running south on Joseph Duggan Road. The new signals will be installed in 2019. 
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It's is going to be a hot weekend!

After a cool start to the week, Toronto is going to get warm again by the weekend. For those of you looking to still enjoy the summer weather, this weekend will be one to look forward to! According to the Weather Network, the cooler summer temperatures won’t be lasting long. So for those enjoying these fall-like conditions, get outside while it lasts. By Friday afternoon, the weekend weather will be switching to feel more like 37°C. And it will keep climbing. Saturday is forecasted to be sunny, with a chance of showers and a high of 29°C, but feeling more like 38°C.
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