It's a hassle, we know. Sometimes, it can feel as if everyone around you has been to the bar three times before you get your first pint. That's why The Appetizer is here with a quick three picks for some no-nonsense St. Patrick's Day fun.

1. Taking up the multiple meanings for "green" these days, Green Beer from the Green Belt combines the best of St. Patrick's celebrations with a focus on local craft brewers, including Great Lakes, King Brewery, Mill Street and Nickel Brook Brewery. If you only drink beer once a year, this is a great chance to get up close and personal with a few experts, including gastronome- and cook-about-town Ivy Knight as well as The Thirsty Traveller's Kevin Brauch. The event is sponsored by the Ontario Craft Brewers, an association of small producers in the province. The OCB website is where you'll want to head to tomorrow to remember everything you tried.

2. If St. Patrick's Day is really about efficiency for you ... and with all that imbibing to be done on a weeknight, it might just be of paramount importance this year, then why not head down to a real Irish pub that's been busy all week, basically throwing a St. Patrick's bash every day since last weekend. You have to figure that The Ceili Cottage out on Queen East will have the kinks worked out, plus they'll be featuring an activity called "Paddy's Matchmaking." Nothing like speed-dating after a few pints, right?

3. And finally, if you still yearn for the heady days you spent celebrating St. Patrick's Day in that North American den of Irishness — Montreal — then try heading over to The Auld Spot, with locations on either The Danforth or College Street. Their beer list includes plenty of McAuslan products, but also the bar will reportedly also be selling O'Hara's, which is brewed by Carlow Brewing, an authentic Irish craft brewery. Auld's will also be serving up a special Irish menu ... now if only their last-call was 3 a.m like Montreal's...

Jason Rehel, National Post

[Ahhh...the perfect pint. A work of art. Photo by Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images]

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