Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining of sewer pipes has led the world plumbing industry for over 35 years, it's still fairly new to most Canadians. There have also been many advances inside the field in recent times. General Manager of Absolute Draining and Plumbing Andrew Mokrivsky speaks about some of the progress, along with dispelling a lot of the myths.
Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining
will be the common name given to the installation of a resin impregnated liner (tube) in a ruined pipe and curing it in place to provide a new structural pipe inside a
The installation
process can be carried out implementing several procedures like pulling in and inversion using air or water pressure. The curing of the resin can be done by using steam, hot water, UV light and there are some resins that will cure under normal
Liner construction
has become exceptionally advanced with a variety of materials on the market
, from standard polyester tubes to glass fibre reinforced tubes..
Lining resins
also have progressed massively over the last 35 years with formulations being specifically designed and confirmed
for pipe rehabilitation market. In spite of this, it is very important that the tube/resin combination be thouroughly tested as the composite resin to make sure its being compatible and long lasting overall performance. Because of this Absolute Draining and Plumbing develops and produces its own liner.
Despite the above improvements, a number of myths stay alive in the industry regarding
to CIPP liners.
. All liners
are similar???

While there are some conceptual similarities in between systems, it's clear coming from the information above that a many of the models are available to match diverse site conditions and challenges. Each liner may have their own specific installation method and finished properties.
are not installed where there is infiltration???

“Lining from Absolute Draining and Plumbing range is
quite strong when it comes to installation under infiltration scenarios" said Andrew Mokrivsky, "Over the last 10 years, we have not only worked constantly on the development of the products and solutions, but we get created incredible approaches to allow us to put in our liners under complicated circumstances. Our capabilities have been well proven on projects in the Toronto and GTA . (We install more than 10000 feet of liner).The moment
installed, liners have been proven to be the most reliable on the market when it comes to reducing or eliminating further infiltration to the lined pipe simply because of the tight fit nature of the finished product and the migration of resin into pipe defects.
Liners cannot be installed in ruined pipes???
CIPP liners are
extremely versatile for the rehabilitation of damaged pipes as they are installed in a flexible state prior to curing. This means that the liners can negotiate substantial defects such as holes or missing sections, and are particularly beneficial when dealing with large joint displacements or pipe bends/deflections, that happen to be common where ground movements has occured. Once the liner is inflated/pressurised in position, it's the added benefit of keeping the pipe during curing to limit the potential risk of further pipe collapse.
Final thoughts

Finally, CIPP liners came a considerable ways since their inception nearly 40 years ago and remain by far the most traditionally used and tested liners .

For more info visit us at or

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