The Most Common Reason For Sewer Cleaning

If you need sewer cleaning for your plumbing system, you might be among the people experiencing a blockage in your lateral line. According to the Water Works Department city of Toronto, a blockage in your lateral line is the most common reason people have back-up problems with their plumbing system. Toilets get clogged, drains get backed-up.

There are two main parts to a sewage system - the main line and the lateral line. The main line carries your sewage to the treatment plant, while the lateral line runs from your home to the main line. Things like seafood shells and grease can clog up a lateral line, so avoid throwing them down your drain. In addition, tree roots can also enter and break the pipe of a lateral line.


Three Types of Sewer Pipe Problems

If you have sewer problems, there could be a number of reasons why the pipes in your sewer are not holding up. Here are three types of sewer problems that could be occurring:

1. You have a bellied pipe. This means the surrounding soil has caused your sewer pipe to sink and now waste and paper are collecting in this section of the pipe.
2. The pipes in your sewer have leaking joints, allowing the water to flow out of those areas.
3. You have a substandard pipe whose materials are not of high quality and therefore, the pipes are degrading or corroding or tree roots get inside.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement – Pipe Bursting

One method of trenchless pipe replacement is pipe bursting. This non-intrusive method of repairing your pipes will have minimal impact on your landscape. Rather than digging out an entire section of your pavement or ground area, your plumbing professional will first create small holes at the beginning and end of the damaged pipe. Pipe bursting involves the use of a hydraulic machine. The damaged pipe will get broken up as new pipe is laid down. This trenchless pipe replacement method causes much less damage to the area surrounding the damaged pipe than the traditional method of pipe repair.

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