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Hi, we have an event at Woodbine Beach over the last weekend in Aug (24-26). Is there camping near by? Can we overnight in the parking lot? If we're not overnighting, could we park a 37' mh during the day in the parking lot? How likely are we to be able to suitable find parking there on a weekend in August? Is it possible if we arrive really early (e.g. before 10am, 9am, 8am, ..., ?)

Let me know. Thanks,
2003 coleman


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not possible at all - overnight parking is banned, and the police do actively patrol the area checking for overnighters.
I live within walking distance and the parking is terrible - especially on the weekends.
Closest campgrounds are either Glen Rouge Park in Scarborough, or Indian Line in Etobicoke/Mississuaga. They have sites for MH's.

You best best will be to take Public transport to Woodbine Beach - parking is horrendous in the area and yuo do need to pay in all the lots surrounding the beach. However Public transit will take you about 1 hour from these campgrounds to the park - you will need to take a combination of buses, subways and then bus again.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the area has limited parking and is very popular, especially on the weekends.

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